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The second FIFPro America International Juridical Conference will begin this Thursday in Santiago, with a select group of speakers whose subject this time is "Football today: its juridical and economic complexity".

As on the previous occasion, the event will be organised by the Chilean Professional Footballers' Union (Sifup). "We are delighted to be the hosts for this event once more, because it is of the utmost importance for developing competencies among professionals connected with football. They will be in direct contact with specialists at world level", said Carlos Soto, President of the Chilean union and member of FIFPro Division America's executive committee.

Among the outstanding speakers are Omar Ongaro, Swiss head of the FIFA Players' Status Committee, Juan de Dios Crespo, the Spanish expert on sports law whose career extends over three decades at world level, and the Portuguese João Nogueira da Rocha, a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). They will be accompanied by relevant actors on the footballing scene of Chile and America in general, with interesting presentations tackling the current realities of this sport.

The occasion will be held until Friday in the Santiago Park Plaza hotel.



09:50: Jurisdictional organs of ANFP. Óscar Fuentes, executive secretary of ANFP (National Association of Professional Football of Chile).
10:40: Multiparty ownership in Chilean professional football. Jorge Morales, legal advisor of the Chilean Professional Footballers' Union, Sifup.
11:40: Child footballers: an investigation into a fashionable business. Juan Pablo Meneses, journalist, author of the book Niños Futbolistas (2013).
12:30: Players' Status and FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC). Omar Ongaro, FIFA Players' Status Committee.


15:30: Model publicly held corporation: O'Higgins de Rancagua. Rodrigo Robles, sports manager of O'Higgins FC.
16:20: Publicly held Sports Corporations in Chile. Carlos González Puche, legal adviser of the Colombian Professional Footballers' Union, Acolfutpro.
17:25: Financial Fair Play: practical and legal aspects. Rinaldo Martorelli, FIFPro America President and FIFPro Vicepresident (photo).


09:00: Evolution of sports law in Central American Football. Luis Sánchez, lawyer of the Costa Rican Professional Players' Union, Asojupro.
09:50: Collective Bargaining Agreement in Italian professional football. Stefano Sartori, lawyer of the Italian Footballers Union, AIC.
10:50: The means of evidence in the CAS. João Nogueira da Rocha, CAS arbitrator Europe and lawyer of the Portuguese Professional Players Union.
11:40: FIFA and the prohibition of third party ownership (TPO). Juan de Dios Crespo, sports lawyer