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A delegation from FIFPro Division America consisting of Fernando Revilla, David Paniagua and Carlos Puche Gonzales worked very hard to get through an agenda organized by the management of the Association of Ecuadorian Football Players (AFE). They began at 10 a.m. on Wednesday October 15th when they were received by the working committee calling for a change in the Law on Football pPayers, chaired by the well known former football player and Ecuadorean idol, Agustín Delgado, together with a group of assembly members who support this project.

A thorough explanation was given of the problems suffered by Ecuadorian football players as a consequence of the continued existence of a Law on Football Players that dates back to 1994. It is completely obsolete and contradicts FIFA's own terms of reference, seriously harming footballers. So the need has been realized to work for a reform of this Law in order to enable the establishment of a true and fair equilibrium in the relations between the two parties. The result aimed at would thus be the progress and consolidation of Ecuadorean football.

A session was subsequently held at a plenary meeting of the National Assembly, where FIFPro Division America's Legal Director, Carlos Puche González, clearly explained the problems of Ecuador's professional footballers. He detailed the experience of most countries in South America, which might serve as parameters for the construction and reformulation of the new law. He promised his personal support and that of the whole Division until this objective was achieved. The session was described as historic, because this was the first time that a National Assembly had given a hearing to the representatives of an institution like FIFPro Division America.

During the afternoon session, the delegation from the Division was received by the Lady Sports Minister, Cecilia Vaca Jones. They told her of the same principles, which she, the highest authority in the sphere of Ecuadorean sport, entirely supported. She gave her firm commitment to work in coordination with the management of the AFE and the parliamentary committee that is developing the reform of this important matter.

Thus concluded an exhausting day of work that is bound to have helped find the solutions demanded by Ecuadorean football.