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FIFPro Division Europe wants to take up the fight against match fixing together with all stakeholders in European professional football. The players union is of the opinion that a joint approach has a greater chance of success than individual initiatives.


Match fixing is a big threat for the game said the general assembly of FIFPro Division Europe during the recent meeting in Prague. In this fight against match fixing, the football world needs the assistance of the authorities. More and more governments recognise that their help is essential because the criminals running these bribery schemes are well organised.


FIFPro is of the opinion that it is of primary importance to inform all players about match fixing and the associated dangers. The worldwide players union sees an important role for itself in this. It wants to set up, in collaboration with the other stakeholders, an information programme to warn the players against participation in match fixing.


In addition, FIFPro calls, among other things, for the introduction of a code of conduct for everybody involved with professional football, and not only the players. FIFPro draws attention to the code of conduct drawn up in the United Kingdom intended to combat bribery in cricket and horse racing.


FIFPro, warns that at the moment too much attention is being paid to the role of the players in match fixing. The players are involved, but it never starts with the player. FIFPro refers to the Black Book Eastern Europe, which showed that players who are not paid their salaries by their club run a greater risk of being approached for match fixing. It is thus up to the clubs, associations and UEFA to ensure that all players receive their salaries on time in order to reduce the chance that players become involved in match fixing.


FIFPro would like to meet with all European stakeholders as soon as possible in order to discuss a joint approach to match fixing.