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FIFPro wishes to express its concerns about the situation at FC Banik Most 1909, a second division club from the Czech Republic.

FIFPro, the World Players' Union, has been informed that the club is to subject its players to an interrogation with a lie detector, as club directors suspect that players have been involved in match-fixing.

FIFPro is totally opposed to the use of a lie detector test and strongly recommends all players not to cooperate with this test.

Last week, after FC Banik Most had suffered its ninth defeat in a row, club management announced its plan to subject the players to a lie-detector test. The club was planning to hire a private detective to conduct the interrogation.

Currently, FC Banik Most occupies 15th place in the 16-team league, with little chance to escape relegation. There are five matches left and FC Banik Most is ten points behind 14th-placed Frýdek-Místek.

Club administrators have also announced to finish the season utilising youth players only.

FIFPro as well as the Czech association of professional footballers (CAFH) and the Croatian association of professional footballers (HUNS, who is defending its member Marune Sime) are very concerned by the behavior of the FC Banik management.

Firstly, FIFPro is highly critical of FC Banik Most's club directors, as they are treating their players as potential suspects, even though there appears to be no clear evidence. FIFPro wants to stress that players are often the victims of match-fixing. Professional footballers could be involved, but match-fixing rarely starts with the players.

Secondly, FIFPro refers to the serious doubts about the accuracy of the lie detector test. FIFPro's Head of Legal Department Wil van Megen: "Many scientists have criticised the use of the lie detector. They are not convinced that this tool is the most accurate to determine whether someone is telling the truth or lying. Experts say that people can cheat at these tests, that people can be influenced while taking these tests, that these tests can give the wrong results. Simply put, lie detector tests are dubious."

FIFPro is against any form of manipulation in professional football. FIFPro is involved in various initiatives aimed at bringing an end to match-fixing, and FIFPro is fully prepared to offer its full cooperation in serious efforts to tackle match-fixing.

FIFPro also understands that at this moment none of the players have received their salaries for March.

Van Megen: "It is a fact that players are more vulnerable to approaches by match-fixers when their salaries are not paid and are consequently encountering financial difficulties. Therefore FIFPro strongly advises the directors of FC Banik Most to solve that problem first, before it starts portraying its own players as criminals."