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Yaya Touré, a victim of racist insults in Russia just a year ago and, he says, recently on Twitter too, may possess the gift of precognition, though he doesn't fall into the category of those "typical" African players so dear to Willy Sagnol, trainer of Girondins de Bordeaux: he doesn't remind us that Manchester City "took" him from Barça for a pittance.

By declaring a few days ago that an African player should be recognized for what he is, namely the equal of any other professional footballer, regardless of origin, and by calling for the most basic respect, this very technical midfield player for Manchester City, most recently the champions of England, seems to have responded in advance to an uncontrolled verbal skid suffered by Willy Sagnol, former selector for the France Under-21 team.

Sagnol was a great player and shared the everyday life of a great many talented African footballers. Some of them have already called him to order, while others will certainly do so, for they would like to save Willy, their "friend".

Beyond that, the words of someone who was responsible within the French Federation (FFF) for France's teams hark back to a racism that is unfortunately commonplace.

Sagnol is sorry now, of course; he certainly isn't a racist. He is offering excuses, naturally, as so many others have done before him as soon as they realized the extent of the damage done. For Willy Sagnol was just speaking in anger and hit the wrong target, as many others have done before him.

FIFPro Division Africa once again condemns all forms of racism and xenophobia.

Once again (for the last time?) it asks the authorities to show the greatest firmness to those whose unacceptable blunders, a little more each time, tarnish the image of football and football players.