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FIFPro’s Transnational Steering Group Education had a successful meeting in Dublin, Ireland. It managed to reach a cooperation agreement with the University College of Northern Denmark, UCN.


The Transnational Steering Group Education is working on the establishment of the FIFPro Online Academy. As a result of the agreement with UCN, the first class of footballers will start its study to become a Bachelor of Sport Management in September 2011. 


‘Now it is up to the twelve players’ unions to find 25 to 50 players who want to join this class’, explained Frederique Winia, spokeswoman of the Steering Group. ‘All union representatives reacted very enthusiastic after the signing with UCN. They are happy and eager to recruit footballers for this study.’


The purpose of the FIFPro Online Academy is to ensure that young footballers in particular have opportunities to access training and education in vocational areas to help them gain employment at the end of their sporting careers. In total 12 FIFPro member unions in 11 EU Member States are participating in this project.


‘For a player, this study really offers the best of both worlds’, Winia continued. ‘They can keep on playing football, and they can study online at the moment they prefer. They can login whenever they want. That is the beauty of this system.’