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Respect fair play. That is the most important message FIFPro will send out to all participants at the Homeless World Cup when it kicks off on Sunday 10th July in Glasgow, Scotland.

FIFPro, the world’s professional footballers union, is proud to continue its partnership with the annual event, which this year runs from 10-16 July.

For the second consecutive year, FIFPro will hand out daily Fair Play Awards to players who show exceptional fairness and sportsmanship on the pitch.

At the end of each of the seven match days, referees will nominate a winner, who will receive his or her award the following day.

The winner’s team will also be part of this ceremony, as FIFPro and the Homeless World Cup want to emphasise that football is a team game, especially at this tournament where players have one big goal in mind.

“The Homeless World Cup is not about winning the cup, but about winning back control of your life,” explained Tony Higgins, FIFPro’s spokesperson on Social Responsibility.

Every player has a story

More than 500 players from 52 countries are set to appear at the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow. All participants have troubled pasts - some due to their choices in life, others suffered the consequences of occurrences in their environment. Some have struggled with alcohol or drug addictions, or came from problematic families, others had to survive on the streets after local governments simply destroyed their homes.

“Every player has a story, and each story will move you,” Higgins said. “With the help of the Homeless World Cup and all of its 73 partners worldwide, all these players have the prospect of a new and improved future.”

Research shows that 77 per cent of all participants’ lives have significantly changed because of the work done by the Homeless World Cup and its partners.

Higgins adds, “FIFPro – representing all professional footballers worldwide - is proud to contribute to this charity.”

Mel Young, co-founder and president of the Homeless World Cup is again delighted to be working with FIFPro.

“We’re extremely grateful to FIFPro for their continue support and solidarity with the Homeless World Cup,” Young said. “The launch of daily Fair Play awards was hugely successful last year, and we are looking forward to celebrating the best of humanity this July in Glasgow.

“We believe football can be the strongest force for good. The Homeless World Cup is a pioneering global movement, based on the premise that together we can be stronger, and that is at the core of this game we love.”

Union Support

PFAI shoes 550Within FIFPro’s membership, several player unions are supporting and sponsoring local organisations and their teams.

PFA Scotland is helping Street Soccer Scotland with equipment and balls, PFAI from Ireland is supplying footwear to the team of Irish Homeless Street Leagues (photo), India’s FPAI is partnering with Slum Soccer by providing kits, track suits and balls, while PFA England is supporting Oasis-Reach for your dreams, an organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa.

“In the near future, FIFPro hopes to inspire more player unions to support their local street soccer programs,” said Higgins.

“Every representative who has visited the Homeless World Cup acknowledged that this is money well spent.”

Belonging to Glasgow

Higgins is the President of PFA Scotland, which has its headquarter in Glasgow.

“It is common knowledge that Glasgow regularly features in the top ten of the world's friendliest cities. I am therefore confident that this year’s Homeless World Cup in partnership with FIFPro will be a resounding success given the city's welcoming reputation.

“The event will be located on George Square, in the city centre. It is the heart of the entertainment and business zone and will guarantee a large daily audience.”

“The city’s song is ‘I belong to Glasgow’ and I’m sure by the end of the tournament the players will all feel they ‘belong to Glasgow’."