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The European Commission has started a study of the current transfer markets in sports. Pedro Velazquez, deputy head of the unit Sport of the European Commission, talked about this subject and other issues during the European Professional Sportspeoples Forum, organized by FIFPro, EU Athletes, ETUC and UNI Europa on Monday 31 January in Brussels.


Recently, the European Commission adopted a Communication entitled ‘Developing the European Dimension in Sport’. It is the first policy document issued by the Commission in the field of sport after the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, which gives the EU a mandate to support, coordinate and supplement sport policy measures taken by Member States.


At the European Professional Sportspeoples Forum Pedro Velazquez talked about this communication. ‘The most relevant message is about social dialogue. We are convinced it is a very useful instrument that can help find a more stable legal framework for sport, and we think it can find a way to prevent problems. That’s why we put an accent on the social dialogue.’


Another important issue in the Communication is that the EC has started a study of the current transfer markets in sports, including the football transfer market. Velazquez: ‘We were studying the environment for the activities of agents. We needed to take some actions, we found out that there were some activities that needed some attention.’


‘But what we found more striking, is that the whole environment raised some doubts about for example the transparency of financial transactions, or some of the basic principles of the transfer market the way it works today. We need to know more about it, we need to understand better what the legitimacy of this transfer mechanism is, and to see if it is also legal. By providing more clarity to the environment of the transfer system, we can easily solve the issue of agents.’