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The English PFA is very concerned with the deplorable state of the Wembley Stadium pitch. The grass in one of the World’s most famous venues has suffered dramatically due to the use for multiple sports and events.


In addition to football, Wembley also hosts other sports like rugby, American football and events like music concerts and even motorsport. Last weekend two semi finals in the FA Cup were played on the pitch, next Saturday a rugby game is scheduled.


In recent weeks footballers and their managers complained frequently. After the League Cup-final between Aston Villa and Manchester United, Man Utd-coach Alex Ferguson suggested that the ‘heavy pitch’ led to Michael Owen’s season ending hamstring injury.


Last weekend players of Aston Villa, Chelsea, Portsmouth and Tottenham Hotspur had all sorts of trouble moving on the apparently slippery surface. Spurs manager Harry Redknapp labelled the pitch ‘a disgrace’. ‘You have to spend the whole time making sure you don’t fall over. How can you play on a pitch you can’t stand up on? I saw goalkeepers trying to kick balls but fall over, that’s how bad the pitch is – rock hard and wet on top. It’s impossible to play on.’ Portsmouth manager Avram Grant agreed.


Gordon Taylor, president of the English players’ union PFA, urged the responsible people to come to action as soon as possible. ‘We have cup finals, Football League play-offs and within days an England international game’, Taylor said to the BBC. ‘There has not been enough forethought put into it. There is so much opportunity to take advice with regard to drainage of a pitch and letting air and sunshine getting through but it's not happening.’


The FA promised to evaluate the pitch after Saturday's rugby match. ‘Football is the number one priority. We understand we have to find a way to deliver and sustain a consistent quality pitch.’ Since the new Wembley opened it’s doors in 2007, the pitch has been relaid ten times.