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Jorge Guzmán, manager of the Asociación de Futbolistas del Ecuador (AFE), has warned that if the clubs continue in debt to their sportsmen, there will be a strike. "We shall not begin the Championship as long as there is still a club with outstanding debts", said the players' union representative before meeting Carlos Marx Carrasco, Ecuador's Minister for Labour Relations.

The Minister, Guzmán and representatives of the clubs Independiente del Valle, Espoli, Liga de Portoviejo, El Nacional and those of the Non-Amateur Football Association of Pichincha (AFNA) met in this state ministry. The Minister and his colleagues explained to these executives their plan for a ministerial agreement to regulate the working conditions of professional sportsmen and women.

Representatives of all 24 Ecuadorean professional football teams were invited, but not all of them attended. Manolo Rodas, Vice Labour Minister, explained that this was the last meeting with the executives.

The Ministerial Agreement must be registered in the next few days, and there will be no option to change it. He insisted that the agreement does not interfere with the statutes of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF). Indeed, he expected the project to specify that contracts must first be registered with the Ministry before going to the FEF. Otherwise, non-compliance with the Agreement would result

The following are among the principal points in this Ministerial Agreement:

  1. The obligation to sign a contract and the real remuneration that the sportsperson will receive. This contract must compulsorily be registered with the Ministry of Labour.
  2. Remuneration must be paid monthly. It must be paid within the first ten days, although there may be an option for it to be settled a few days later,
  3. Sportsmen and women have a right to be covered by Ecuadorean Social Security, with the regulations for occupational health, working hours, all the benefits of the law, and vacations. This includes payments for the completion of contracts.