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The European Commission has awarded FIFPro a grant for its FIFPro Online Academy. Over a period of 16 months the world players’ union will receive a subsidy for almost 80 percent of the entire costs of this project.


FIFPro wants to develop and expand an online academy for professional footballers into an international online academy for professional footballers, that covers twelve union members and eleven EU-states. This education program must give players the opportunity to prepare themselves for a (alternative) career after football.


In 2007 the Dutch players’ association VVCS began with its academy, that allows a professional player to adjust his study to his busy schedule at the club. The player can take the lessons at the moment that suits him the most, in a virtual class and under guidance of a real teacher.


FIFPro wants to develop and expand the VVCS Academy in ten other countries. The twelve participating unions are from Denmark (Spillerforeningen), England (PFA), Finland, (JPY), France (UNFP), Ireland (PFAI), Italy (AIC), The Netherlands (VVCS), Norway (NISO), Romania (AFAN), Scotland (PFA), Slovenia (SPINS) and Sweden (SFS).


FIFPro and the EC expect to recruit at least 250 footballers to the online academy during the sixteen months this project will be financed by the EC. Both parties foresee that 150 of those students will continue their training via the academy and gain BA qualifications within three years after the end of the project, in April 2014.


VVCS class of 2009