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‘Athletes need to think about what they are going to do after they quit their career as a professional player.’ Wise words from Gheorghe Hagi, the most famous footballer in Romanian history, during the launch of a special e-learning project for professional athletes in Romania.


“E-learning for social partners” is a project which gives professional athletes the possibility to study online during their career in order to prepare them for the moment they stop being a professional athlete.


The Romanian professional footballers association AFAN implemented the project in partnership with National Trade Union Block (BNS) and Escola Professional Cristovao Colombo ( EPCC) from Portugal. The project  is financed from the Social European Fund.


AFAN, BNS and EPCC have created a web platform ( where active and former athletes, but also all social partners can register to one or more of the 16 available courses. These courses will be  mostly online, but there will also be meetings with tutors, for the practical part of the courses.


On Friday May 18th, the first course was already launched with 24 students: “The administration of sport structures as commercial organizations”.


At a press conference, AFAN gave information about the project. Executive president Dumitru Costin was joined by football legends Gheorghe Hagi and Miodrag Belodedici, and international referee Alexandru Tudor, who is a teacher of one of the 16 courses.


Gheorghe Hagi declared that he is thrilled by this project and pointed out that in the future he will envisage building a partnership between the football school that he is running and AFAN’s project.


Hagi: ‘Athletes need to think about what they will do after they quit their professional career. They have to decide what they want to become: sport director, club president or department head. I am glad that from now on there is a project which can create new specialists, because only in this way we can reach a higher level. I think one day we can get there.’


‘Owners are owners. We need club presidents, marketing directors, department heads. We need presidents who know how to make a budget for the owner so that the owner won’t lose any money.’


Dumitru Costin mentioned that there is a course for owners and club managers: ‘It is no coincidence that one of the courses focuses on sport management. Romania has a shortage of qualified human resources managers in sport management. To know how to manage a club is a science. You cannot do it simply because you have the money or a big mouth. You need to do it in a professional manner. That’s why many owners suffer big losses and show little performance. So we offer courses even for club owners. It’s their choice if they want to sign up for such a course or not.’


Miodrag Belodedici is also very delighted about the fact that athletes can choose, even after finishing their career, a field or discipline close to their sport and can learn online using the knowledge obtained during their career. ’The project is extraordinary, we are obliged to support it!’, Belodedici said.


Costin talked about the Nicolae Mitea case. The 27-year old former national team and Ajax player is currently out of contract. He cannot find a new club. Costin: ‘He needs a personal counselor to help him reinvigorate his career and help him through this tough time. The AFAN project also offers a course to become a personal counselor.’