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FIFPro’s Transnational Steering Group Education held its first meeting on Tuesday 19th January. This ‘think tank’ set out the course to be followed for the establishment of the FIFPro Online Academy.


In December 2009, the European Commission announced  that FIFPro would be receiving a subsidy for the Online Academy. This ‘internet school’ will give players the opportunity to follow a study course during their professional career so that they can more easily begin a new career once their football career has come to an end. Eleven countries are participating in the project which is being supported by twelve national players’ unions.


The Transnational Steering Group Education is made up of the external education specialist Alan Irwin, Rasmus Haagensen (of the Danish players’ union Spillerforeningen), Tony Higgins (Scotland, PFA), Dejan Stefanovic (Slovenia, SPINS) and Suzanne Bakker and Frederique Winia, both FIFPro staff members.


The steering group decided to organise several meetings and workshops and began by compiling various questionnaires for the participating players’ unions.  It will ask the national players’ unions to investigate the educational needs amongst footballers in their respective countries. The steering group will also ask the unions to draw up an inventory of schools and universities willing to participate in the initiative and the various educational levels at these institutions.


On Tuesday 16th March, the steering group will be holding a workshop for all participating players’ unions at FIFPro’s headquarters in Hoofddorp. During the information meeting, the steering group will explain the whole project and provide the participating players’ unions with clarity regarding their role in the FIFPro Online Academy, especially with regard to the recruitment of interested players. The steering group also wants to present a special website for the FIFPro Online Academy during the meeting.


The twelve unions participating in the FIFPro Online Academy are from Denmark, England (PFA), Finland, (JPY), France (UNFP), Ireland (PFAI), Italy (AIC), The Netherlands (VVCS), Norway (NISO), Romania (AFAN), Scotland (PFA Scotland), Slovenia (SPINS) and Sweden (SFS).