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A footballer has quit his club in Guatemala after receiving a death threat directed at his two-year-old son

Didier Sagastume (pictured) has rescinded his contract with Club Carchá after two men handed him an envelope containing a photograph of him holding his son – with the toddler’s head removed.

With the help of two police officers, Sagastume pursued the men in a 5-mile car chase before catching up with their Toyota pick-up. The two men initially refused to say who had sent them. Both were detained.

The footballer had been subject to pressure by his club recently to sign a document accepting a fine, the Guatemalan players union (Asociación de Futbolistas Guatemaltecos) said.

Sagastume said he suspects someone linked to the club might be involved with the threat. He has filed a complaint to a prosecutor in Guatemala and has quit the club, according to the union.

“We totally support Didier Sagastume and regret that this type of events can affect our players,” the union said. “We hope that the relevant authorities can clarify what happened and find who is responsible.”

Several players in Guatemala have received death threats before although they rarely make them public because they are frightened of the repercussions, according to the union.

FIFPro, the world players union, will release the results of a survey into the working conditions for footballers in November. The questionnaire answered by 15,000 players covers issues like salaries, medical care, violence and harassment.