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The Danish players’ union Spillerforeningen urges its national football federation DBU to acknowledge that there is a problem in Danish football concerning homophobia and a taboo on homosexuality. The players’ union wants the DBU to take action.


Mads Øland, general secretary of Spillerforeningen, explains: ‘There is a need for a strong campaign from DBU against homophobia and the breaking down of the taboo surrounding homosexuality in football. DBU has clear objectives to fight discrimination. A natural result of this must also be to fight homophobia specifically. We must realize this is very much present in Danish football.’


In recent months there has been an ongoing discussion about homophobia and homosexuality in Denmark after Arek Onyszko’s infamous remarks about homosexuals. The Polish goalkeeper was fired by FC Midtjylland because of the controversial statements he made in his autobiography.


But the Danish football association refused to acknowledge that there is a problem or a taboo. ‘We see sexuality as a private matter’, reacted a spokesman of the DBU. ‘It is the individual's decision whether he wants to reveal his sexuality when playing sports. We work to ensure that there is room for diversity, but it also means that you must show respect for the majority, which may feel uncomfortable with being confronted with views of different minority groups.’


Still, Spillerforeningen wants the DBU to take action. The Danish union refers to football associations in other countries who have already started a campaign to tackle this issue.