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The Danish and Greek players' associations have worked closely together to get Kasper Risgård’s contract with Panionios annulled after the club has failed to pay the Danish player his wages in full. The case is an example of the many clubs in Europe that do not pay their players on time.


On 31 August 2010 Kasper Risgård made a transfer from Germany’s Arminia Bielefeld to Panionios in Greece. However, the club has not kept its contractual obligations in regards to the payment of his wages. Subsequently, Spillerforeningen, the Danish PFA, and PSAP, the Greek PFA, have helped Kasper Risgård get his contract annulled.


Kasper has now left Athens together with his family. ‘I am thankful for the help that I have received from Spillerforeningen and PSAP to get my contract annulled. I will now concentrate on finding a new club and expect this to happen in the near future, so I can again play football and get paid for doing It’, states Kasper Risgård, who is relieved to be home again.


Mads Øland, director of Spillerforeningen and FIFPro board member, adds: ‘Lately Spillerforeningen and FIFPro have emphasized the fact that there are clubs in many countries in Europe that are careless about their contractual obligations. Unfortunately, Kasper’s case is a classic example of this. The conduct of Panionios in this case is utterly unacceptable.’


Øland continues: ‘Kasper’s contract with Panionios has now been annulled due to the club’s violations. As soon as Kasper has signed a contract with a new club, we will help him and the new club applying for dispensation with the relevant FA, so he can play again as soon as possible.’


‘When Kasper has found a new club, we will send our claims to FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber, where we will demand that Kasper receives the wages that Panionios owes him’, Øland assures.


A few days after Risgård's contract was annuled, the Danish player managed to find a new club. He signed a contract at IF Silkeborg until the summer of 2013.