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The Danish professional footballers association (Spillerforeningen) and the Danish football association (DBU) ended their conflict by agreeing upon new collective bargaining agreements (CBA) for the three Danish national teams (men's, women's and U-21). This is a great reward for the solidarity among all members of the three Danish national football teams.

The conflict started in February, when DBU tried to bypass Spillerforeningen and forced the national team players to sign individual deals via an ultimatum.

But all of the 148 players in the national team pool (all three teams combined) stood firmly together and refused to sign these individual deals, demanding a new Collective Bargaining Agreement for each team.

The immense pressure from the players led DBU to give up on their ultimatum and return to the negotiation table with Spillerforeningen.

The players' persistence was rewarded, as for the first time ever Spillerforeningen succeeded in agreeing to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement for each of the three national teams. Before this only the men's national team had had an agreement.

With these new CBA's the players get an improved bonus-structure and Spillerforeningen obtains a bigger and more important role in relation to the national teams. Spillerforeningen will be much closer to the national teams, will have increased access to the players when playing for the national team, will be allowed access to training sessions and will have a significant role in all commercial aspects of all of the national teams.

"We are very happy that we've now got new Collective Bargaining Agreements for the men's national team, The women's national team and the Under 21's. It has been paramount that we got a long term solution and long term agreements for all teams", says Thomas Lindrup, chairman at Spillerforeningen.

"We are satisfied with the more active role that Spillerforeningen will have with the Danish national teams, especially in regard to securing the balance between commercial activities and sporting activities such as training, matches etc," he says.

Danish national team captain, Daniel Agger, stated "I am pleased that we have now found a solution. We owe that to ourselves, our opponents, our sponsor and last but not least all of our fans. We have without a doubt come to the best solution for Danish Football as a whole."

This Wednesday, the Danish national men's team will play a friendly match against the United States in Aarhus.

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Spillerforeningen Director Mads Øland, DBU Director Claus Bretton-Meyer and goalkeeper Stephan Andersen
Photo credit: Credit Per Kjærbye,