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Players from the Danish national team agreed with the Danish professional footballers association Spillerforeningen and the Danish federation (DBU) that a spectator who disturbed a Euro 2008 qualifier between Denmark and Sweden has to pay over €33,000 in damages to the DBU.


In an impulse reaction two Danish internationals (Thomas Sørensen and Leon Adreasen) publicly stated they wanted to give away bonuses to help the spectator. Just hours after their remarks had reached the press the players were advised by the players union Spillerforeningen and the FA.


After this consultation goalkeeper Thomas Sørensen was quick to correct his proposition in a statement for TV Sporten: ‘I have talked with DBU and we agree that the dialogue they are having with him (the spectator) is the right way to go. I think it is the best and most practical solution and we support them in their dialogue with the person in question. Hopefully they will find the best solution possible.’


FIFPro strongly approves and supports the intervention by Spillerforeningen and DBU, says secretary general Theo van Seggelen: ‘People who are trying to destroy our game must be opposed at all times. Supporting them is definitely a wrong signal. Therefore I am happy that the two players involved could be convinced so quickly that their actions were not appropriate.’


Other players have been more persistent in their view of the spectator. The captain of the Danish national team at the time, Jon Dahl Tomasson, was never willing to forgive and forget, he recently told the same TV station: ‘In my world you forgive people who have made a mistake. But I must admit that I have to dig very deep in this case. He was an idiot back then and in my world he still is’. 



In 2007, a qualifier to the UEFA Euro 2008 between Denmark and Sweden turned into a black night for Danish football. In the closing minutes of the game, with the score tied 3-3, Sweden were given a penalty. Before the ball was placed on the penalty spot a spectator stormed the pitch and ran towards referee Herbert Fandel.


Fortunately, Danish international Michael Gravgaard intervened. The spectator was escorted off the pitch. Fearing for his safety the referee decided to abandon the match. UEFA later decided to award Sweden a 3-0 win. UEFA sanctioned the DBU with a fine and ban (two following qualifiers were to be played in smaller stadiums).


The Danish court sentenced the spectator to pay damages worth of €120,000. This amount was subsequently doubled after the spectator’s own appeal. Hearing about the €240,000 claim, Thomas Sørensen and Leon Andreasen stated that they were willing to give up their next match bonuses to aid the spectator. After talks with Spillerforeningen and the Danish FA they changed their point of view.