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Dani Alves has been a victim of racism throughout his eight years in Spain, the Barcelona and Brazil right back said. It’s not the first time the colored defender publicly speaks out against racism.


Dani Alves arrived in Spain in 2003. Sevilla lured him away from Sporte Clube Bahia in his native Brazil. In 2008 the wingback moved on to Barcelona, where he is a mainstay in the defence of the Catalan giants, currently topping the Primera División.


Although Dani Alves enjoys playing football in Spain very much, he detests the racist behaviour of some football spectators. Last year, after receiving his FIFA FIFPro World XI award, Dani Alves told FIFPro: ‘I hope there will be less and less racism in football, which I have personally experienced many times. I expect the situation to continue improving so that we can all enjoy football irrespective of race, thereby adding to the greatness of the game.’


Unfortunately, a year has gone by and Dani Alves says he is still a victim of racist’ abuse. ‘Sadly, I've learnt to live with it’, he told the Brazilian daily Folha de São Paulo. ‘I live with it in all the matches but I don't feel offended. They insult me, they call me monkey. The fans do it, the players are against it (...) My family are unhappy, they complain, but I try to distance myself from it. I consider those people uneducated and don't give them importance.’


Despite the efforts of La Liga to sanction fans for racist behavior, Alves fears that racism ‘is uncontrollable’. ‘It will never stop.’