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The professional footballers’ association of Costa Rica (Asojupro) displayed its dissatisfaction with matches and training sessions that are scheduled at times when temperatures reach their highest levels.


For Asojupro, the wellbeing and the health of the professional footballers in Costa Rica are vital. The players’ union has requested the football authorities in Costa Rica to take the necessary measures in order to reduce the risk of skin cancer. ‘Actions that go beyond wearing a shirt with a slogan’, Asojupro referred to a recently launched campaign.


 widthAsojupro said it is outrageous that matches are still scheduled at times that - due to the intense heat - create an increased health risk for the players, and that teams are also allowed to train at these high risk times.


‘Recently, we have noticed a campaign with the slogan Football is a game, skin cancer is not’, said a Asojupro spokesman. ‘We hope that this slogan will become more than just a simple slogan.'


'We hope that the people in charge of scheduling the matches, understand what the slogan is about, and that they take the physical wellbeing of the players into account.’


‘There is no point campaigning and wearing shirts referring to the fight against skin cancer, while you also allow matches to be played at times when the players’ exposure to the sun is at its highest.’