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FIFPro is delighted to say that Aaron Brown and Miroslav Antonov both found a new club. But their cases prove that a lot of work is still ahead to have Maltese and Bulgarian clubs and associations respect the players. 


English professional footballer Aaron Brown had not been paid for months by Maltese club Floriana FC. But last week the club finally paid. Brown confirmed he had received the money he was owed and added that he was signing at a new club and hoping to leave this story behind him.


The Maltese professional footballers association MFPA is satisfied that Brown received his money, as was also the case with Rupert Mangion, a player from Hamrun Spartans. Both players got paid because their clubs wanted to avoid points reduction imposed by the Maltese Football Association (MFA) Council.


However, the MFPA is convinced that the current regulations are totally unsuitable, need drastic changes and should be revised immediately.


At the same time the MFPA would like to express its disappointment that other players still have issues regarding late payments with the same two clubs, in particular Steve Bonnici (Hamrun Spartans) and Duncan Pisani, Aman Verma (Floriana FC).


‘The MFA decisions continue to surprise everyone. Other players who, before these two, have complained with the MFA for money due and unpaid salaries are still waiting to be paid by the same two clubs’, the MFPA reacts in a statement.


‘The way the players' complaints regarding unpaid salaries are being treated by the MFA is totally unacceptable. The methods and systems used are unfair and unjust with the players and allow the clubs to abuse and break their commitments with their players, with flagrant contract breaches.’


‘The system currently adopted, apart from being unfair with the players, is also discriminating between clubs. The clubs that apply for the UEFA license to be able to participate in the UEFA competitions have to keep their books in order and scrutinized, but other clubs are allowed to get away with unacceptable behaviour.’


The MFPA and FIFPro are concerned about these issues and expect the MFA administration to take immediate action.


Miroslav Antonov is a Bulgarian striker who was in a hopeless situation after the Bulgarian football association (BFU) had issued a registration ban on him. Antonov had terminated his contract with PFC Ludogorets with just cause and wanted to sign with Slavia Sofia, but the BFU and Ludogorets prevented this.


Finally, this week, Antonov was registered as a player of Slavia Sofia. FIFPro is delighted for Miroslav Antonov. But FIFPro is also concerned about the conduct of the Bulgarian FA. FIFPro has been informed that Antonov was only allowed to register after Slavia had paid Ludogorets an amount of money and had agreed to offer a percentage for Antonov’s future transfer rights.


Apparently the BFU is not willing to abide by law and regulations, which is an alarming observation to FIFPro.