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Acolfutpro, the Colombian Association of Professional Footballers, has requested the Procurator-General's Office of the Nation for a disciplinary sanction against the Director-General of Coldeportes, Andres Botero, for failing to comply with his functions by not punishing professional football clubs.

Dissatisfaction with Coldeportes is total on the part of Acolfutpro, since as a state body that has an obligation to exercise the inspection, surveillance and control of the clubs, Coldeportes is refusing to punish clubs that do not comply with their obligations under labour law.

Acolfutpro has asked for a disciplinary sanction with the purpose of ensuring that the Director of Coldeportes meet his obligations as well as securing sanctions against the clubs that owe labour obligations to their footballers.

Acolfutpro Director Carlos Puche demands: "It would be good if the Director of Coldeportes, instead of hanging medals on football players during the prize-giving at the final of Colombian football, were to protect their rights, and sanction once and for all the clubs that do not comply with the legal payments to which the football players have a right."

Acolfutpro explained the situation in their following statement:

On 3 October 2014 past, Acolfutpro informed Coldeportes of the constant breaches that should entail the suspension of recognition as sporting bodies of the teams Deportivo Pasto, Deportivo Pereira and Unión Magdalena for failure to pay their players the service bonus due on 30 June 2014.

On 2 December past, Acolfutpro repeated to Coldeportes that the said clubs were in breach and reported in addition that Deportivo Pasto not only owed the service bonus but was also 3 months in arrears with the wages of its footballers.

Despite these allegations made by Acolfutpro, which are founded on article 8 of Law 1445 of 2011, Coldeportes has not suspended the acknowledgment as sports bodies of the said clubs, although the period of 60 days for carrying out the administrative action has well gone by.

Taking account of the fact that this non-compliance with obligations under labour law occurred on 30 June 2014 past, it is unacceptable that on 11 February 2015 Coldeportes, failing to comply with its legal obligations, permitted these breaches to persist and has not exercised its legal obligation to punish the offending clubs.

As a consequence of this disregard of the periods that are peremptorily established by the law, and the failure of the inspection, control and surveillance bodies, Acolfutpro has presented the corresponding complaint to the Procurator-General's Office so that the Director and Directora of Coldeportes Inspection and Surveillance shall be sanctioned for non-compliance with their legal obligations while damaging the interests of professional football players.