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As a result of the work done by ACOLFUTPRO (the Colombian Association of Professional Football Players) in defence of the rights of Colombian players, and the complaints it submitted to the labour authorities, the sports authorities (COLDEPORTES, the Colombian Institute for Sport) and the disciplinary committee of the Federation, on Thursday 23 December the President of the League announced penalties against six teams for their failure to pay wages and social security contributions.


These sanctions restrict the clubs' ability to take on new players until they have paid their debts to their footballing employees.


Teams punished in the first division are Corporación Deportiva América, Corporación Deportiva Tuluá, Corporación Social, and Cultural Corpereira. Teams punished in the second division are Corporación Deportiva Alianza Petrolera, Corporación Deportiva Juventud Girardot, and Corporación Deportivo Pasto. 


The following two articles were published in the daily El País and on the web by Noticias Uno.


El País:
América is one of the six teams barred by the Disciplinary Committee of Dimayor (Major Division of Colombian Professional Football) from signing up players until it has fulfilled the wage and social security obligations it agreed with its previous employees.


Corporación Deportiva América (the current defending champions), together with Tuluá, Pasto, Juventud Girardot, Alianza Petrolera and Corpereira, have been told they must get up to date with their obligations in order to compete in the next tournament.


'The ruling found against the clubs that were investigated in this matter, and it bars América, among other things, from signing up players for the next season of Colombian football', said Iván Novela, secretary of División Mayor del Fútbol Colombiano (the major division in Colombian football).


The management of the ‘reds’ owes up to ten months' wages to those players who were in the team from the first half of the year, and two months' wages to those who signed on for the second tournament.


'It will certainly be possible to arrive at some agreement with the Dimayor Disciplinary Committee', commented Novela.


Noticias Uno:
Constant complaints from players to their association (ACOLFUTPRO) about failures to make payments to teams have caused a crisis to erupt in Colombian football. Today, 16 clubs in the A and B divisions have debts of all kinds to their employees.


The worst crisis in the history of Colombian football erupted in 2010, when clubs' wage and parafiscal debts obliged the national government to bring out a law to change the form of association of football clubs.


The paradoxical thing is that Colombia's President, Juan Manuel Santos, still hasn't met the delegates of either side. Noticias Uno gave examples on 29 August of the failures of clubs in three respects: salaries in the case of América de Cali, which in December chalked up 10 months of arrears towards some of its players.


The most worrying case of pension liability is that of Diego Cortes Bernal, who ended up paraplegic after suffering an accident on a rest day. His retirement allowance on grounds of invalidity can't be sorted out because Quindío and Pasto, his last teams, had not paid the relevant contributions.


Today, he's still waiting for an answer from Deportivo Pasto, the last club he played for. In the case of health contributions, the most complicated case is that of Alianza Petrolera. This Barrancabermeja club has never paid contributions since 1991, the year in which it was founded.


After four months, changes have been few, despite the fact that Coldeportes (the Colombian Institute for Sport) undertook to get to work. What it hasn't explained to the players' association is how.