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In its fight against match-fixing, FIFPro is heading for the dressing rooms to inform professional footballers about the signs, dangers and disasters associated with match manipulation.

FIFPro drew up a Code of Conduct as part of the Don't Fix It project, an education and prevention programme to fight match-fixing in football. FIFPro cooperates closely with Birkbeck University and UEFA to realise this project.

This Code of Conduct sets out the guiding principles for all players, referees, clubs and other officials on the issues surrounding the integrity of football. The code aims to promote the highest standards of conduct in the organisation, playing and officiating of football.

"FIFPro believes the campaign needs to be taken into the dressing rooms in clubs", says Frederique Winia, Don't Fix It Project Manager. "With this bullet point leaflet we aim to support and inform the players and officials".

"Unfortunately, there are still too many players and officials who are ignorant about the integrity rules in their country, league or club. Others underestimate the risks of match-fixing, or do not realise that match-fixing is all about organised crime and ruthless gangsters".

"Some people only start to understand the seriousness of the threat when something happens to them or to somebody close to them".

The Code of Conduct is written in the language of each of the nine countries who are participating in the Don't Fix It project: England, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Romania, Scotland and Slovenia. Union representatives from each of these nations are visiting dressing rooms to distribute the code.

Winia: "We don't expect the players to learn the Code of Conduct by heart, but what we do emphasise is that they keep the brochure in their bag or with them, so they can consult it when needed".

Download Code of Conduct