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In an unprecedented move, after listening to the grievances of a large number of football players who had been pushed aside during the pay-out of rewards for having classified for the last World Cup in Brazil, the Chilean professional footballers association Sifup together with its members has managed to get a positive response from some of the Chilean national team, 'la Roja'.

Initially, the national team players had stipulated that the amount to be distributed to those qualifying for the World Cup would be paid only to players who got more than a certain number of call-ups during the classification process. This decision caused discontent in many footballers, who did not see the share-out as fair. In addition, the excluded group (close to 35 footballers) was supported by public opinion and by historic players for the national team. They criticized the original measure, saying payments for classifying for the World Cup had always been made fairly.

After negotiating for around a month, the Chilean Professional Footballers' Union met last Monday with a group of players who had originally been barred from rewards for reaching the World Cup, where Chile got through into the final sixteen.

Following that meeting, the Sifup executive committee under president Carlos Soto (photo) decided to put forward to the players a formal request for the rewards to be recalculated and paid without any kind of exclusion. That same afternoon, a letter signed by all the footballers present at union headquarters was sent to the national team (gathered for the game versus Uruguay, a match scheduled by FIFA) and to the president of the Federation.

After that, the national side met and analysed the proposal of their colleagues. During the night of Monday 19th the captain, Claudio Bravo, responded via Twitter, explaining that the original decision had been amended and that the premiums would be paid proportionately to all players who had been nominated during the process leading to the 2014 Brazilian World Cup.

Sifup President Soto: "We value the fact that the measure has been analysed and the players affected have been given a hearing. Nothing like this has ever happened before, and we believe that the best thing is for this to become standard practice, so we put this proposal forward to the Chilean Football Federation last week. It isn't fair to exclude anyone, and it was a positive move for the players and for captain Claudio Bravo to reconsider it."