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UEFA said it will not respond to the appeal for clemency for the six players who will have to miss the coming Champions League final because they were awarded a yellow card in the second match of their semi-final. In fact: UEFA states the rule will stay in force for the coming three years.


FIFPro too pleaded for clemency for the suspended players. The punishment of having to miss the ‘match of your life’ is, in the view of the worldwide players union, disproportionate to getting a third yellow card in the twelfth match of the Champions League season.


Furthermore, the UEFA scraps all yellow cards awarded after the quarter final of EURO 2012, just as FIFA has done at the World Cup since 2010.


Different rules, however, apply in the Champions League. Players who are awarded a third yellow card after the start of the group stage in September are automatically suspended for one match. That also applies to players who are given a fifth, seventh and ninth yellow card. A fourth, sixth or eighth yellow card has no consequences. This rule will remain unchanged for the coming three seasons. 


Michael van Praag, the president of the UEFA workgroup Champions League Rules, explains: ‘We have just had three sessions with representatives of the ECA and others, in which we confirmed the rule for the coming three years. We did not receive any request whatsoever concerning the yellow card rule, not even from the representative of Bayern München. And so we will be continuing the rule for the next three years.’


Van Praag does not agree that it would be better for clarity if UEFA were to apply the rules for the EURO 2012 in the Champions League: ‘Different rules can apply in different competitions. The current rules are the result of a careful, democratic procedure.’