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On Tuesday 28 June 2011, in the sports palace of Yaoundé, the capital of the Republic of Cameroon, the Caisse Nationale de  Prévoyance Sociale (CNPS, National Social Security Fund) and the Association des Footballeurs Camerounais (AFC, Cameroonian Footballers' Association) signed an important partnership agreement designed to provide social security cover for Cameroonian footballers.


This agreement, the project for which was supported by the AFC, has been enlarged to include the other bodies in the sector, such as the Association des Entraineurs et des Arbitres de Football (Association of Football Trainers and Referees).


The Cameroonian Minister for Sports and Physical Education, Michel Zoah, the Fédération camerounaise de football (Fécafoot, Cameroon Football Federation), and the Association des clubs de première division (ACPD, Association of First Division Clubs) also initialled the document as supervisory authorities and guarantors of close compliance with the declarations made to the CNPS.


AFC President David Mayébi welcomed the happy and successful outcome of this agreement, which means that footballers are from now on regarded as employees like any others and are socially insured parties following the example of all other workers. This is a significant advance that testifies to the daily commitment of the AFC to obtaining recognition for the profession and upholding the social status of footballer players.


Now, after having devised and obtained recognition of the said status from Fécafoot, as well as a guaranteed minimum wage, the AFC has taken a new step towards establishing professionalism in Cameroon by initiating and negotiating the registration of footballers with the CNPS. This will enable them to have the benefit of genuine social cover from now on…


Professionalism never ceases its advance in Cameroon, while at the same time the AFC constantly watches over the rights and interests of players.