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David Mayébi, president of Synafoc (Syndicat national des footballeurs camerounais, the national union of professional footballers of Cameroon) began a campaign pushing for players' wages and bonuses.


It all started with some sixty complaints lodged with Synafoc by players from clubs in the MTN Elite One division and MTN Elite Two division. They complain of never having received all or part of their bonuses and wages after the Professional Football League of the Cameroon (LFPC) had made two payments of funds to all teams.


Synafoc president Mayébi and his team therefore began with a raid of all football clubs in Cameroon, starting two weeks ago. At the Bepanda Omnisport Stadium and the Mbappe Lépé Stadium in Douala (the nation’s capital) where all local teams play, Synafoc met all the players after the training sessions. After Douala, Mayébi and his men visited Yaoundé and other parts of the country.


For the present, the aim is to invite the majority of the victims to contact the union and express their grievances, and at the same time join the union. They are also asked to be patient until talks with the various parties involved have been concluded.


‘We received sixty complaints from players who had various stories: wages not paid, unpaid premiums, only half or a third of the wages are paid, some players were even abused’, a Synafoc spokesman told newspaper Le Jour.


The reasons given by club presidents for not respecting some contractual clauses vary from one to the other. Some claim they have not yet paid in full because they have had to pay off debts incurred in getting the club to struggle through a lean period, while others talk of the uncertain future - or quite simply choose to remain silent.


Synafoc is nevertheless reassuring these clubs that for the time being it is using the soft pedal, in the hope that club presidents will pay off their players, with whom they have written contracts after all.


If nothing will be done, Synafoc intends to exercise all the powers available to a union to bend the opposing side to its will. Among other options is a strike, or perhaps the LFPC can be asked to pay money directly into players' accounts.



(Source: Quotidien Stades)