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For the first time in its history the Bulgarian footballers’ union ABF will create a team for players without a contract.


On Wednesday 9 June secretary general Georgi Boychev (photo) presented the plans of the ABF at a press conference, accompanied by Borislav Popov (the executive director of the Bulgarian Football Federation, BFU) and Luybe Spasov (the secretary general of the Bulgarian Professional Football League).


The ABF will select a squad of 22 players from the footballers who voluntarily have sent their CVs to the association. This selection will have a two-week training camp in Elin Pelin, nearby Sofia. The team will play two matches in Bulgaria.


Team ABF will also play abroad. The Bulgarian players will travel to Thessaloniki, Greece, to meet a team of the Greek footballers’ association PSAP. The match is scheduled on 13 July in the Kaftatzoglio Stadium, the home to Iraklis FC.