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‘The ABF has done a great job’, FIFPro board member Bobby Barnes said during his visit of the Bulgarian professional footballers’ association. Barnes, deputy chief executive of the English PFA, spent three days with the ABF in Sofia.


Barnes had meetings with the Minister of Physical Education and Sports Svilen Neikov, the president of the Bulgarian football federation Borislav Mihailov, and the president of the football league Stefan Kapralov. With them Barnes discussed the financial situation of Bulgarian football clubs, the conditions of training facilities and stadiums, the development of youth players and ABF’s national program Children and Football.


Barnes also had a meeting and dinner with the captains of CSKA and Lokomotiv Sofia, respectively Todor Yanchev and Christian Dobrev. It was an opportunity to hear the opinion of the players in Bulgaria.


Barnes expressed his satisfaction with the achievements of the ABF. He learned that the Professional Football Players Contract Minimum Requirements have been implemented and a NDRC has been established. ‘Even with a history of only 10 years, ABF has done a great job in achieving stable and strict working conditions for its members. That is the reason why ABF may be considered as an excellent example for the region and a really important member of FIFPro’, Barnes stated.


‘The visit of Bobby Barnes was extremely important for ABF’, explained ABF secretary general Georgi Boychev, who together with president Doncho Donev had invited the Englishman. ‘It represented the intention and support that FIFPro and PFA show to their colleagues from Bulgaria. This visit is also a sign for our social partners - the Federation and the League - that ABF can always rely on FIFPro and PFA.’