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Angelo Miron Santos – better known as Ramon - received the award for Most Valuable Player of the Torneo FIFPro América, despite his team only ending fourth in the tournament for out of contract players.


Ramon is a 22-year old and small midfielder (only 1.68 m), who is very confident on the ball. Even when opponents try to put him under pressure he easily turns away, because of one of his main assets: his extreme agility.


Ramon collected two awards: the MVP trophy and the prize for Best Midfielder. The three other player’s awards went to players from the tournament finalists. Josue Castells (Peru) was the Best Goalkeeper: he did not concede any goal. Jhonny Rios (Colombia) was the Best Defender. Johan Arango (Colombia) was named Best Forward of FIFPro Trneo América after scoring two goals and clinching the title with Team Acolfutpro.


The professional footballers association of Peru (Safap) announced that two of its players have already signed a new contract. Miguel Curiel joins Jahn Regensburg, a team from the German second division, and Pedro Garcia came to an agreement with Los Caimanes from the Peruvian second division.



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