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The fourth convention on 'Books and Boots: a Winning Combination', presented top-level testimony in Buenos Aires, and its closing ceremony was officiated by the Education Minister of the Republic of Argentina.


Held once more on the generous campus of the Interamerican Open University, the fourth convention on "Books and Boots: a Winning Combination', displayed the brilliance and met with the responses anticipated by its organizers, the El Futbolista Foundation and the Argentinian Football Players' Association (FAA).


At the various tables sat currently active players (Sebastián D´Angelo of Boca Juniors, Ernesto Del Castillo and José Pablo Burtovoy of Brown de Adrogué), Doctors Roberto Avanzi and Eduardo Quinto Pagés, Professor Pablo Blanco, Trainers Ricardo Gareca, Omar de Felippe, Nelson Vivas and Claudio Gugnali, Journalists Eduardo Caimi and Néstor Centra, the Writer Eduardo Sacheri, and two former players who currently work in the media, Jorge Bermúdez and Diego Díaz.


The closing ceremony was conducted by the National Education Minister, Alberto Sileoni, who praised the valuable work performed by the Argentinian Football Players' Association, through the El Futbolista Foundation, in opening up a wide range of educational opportunities for football players.


'When your flashy fireworks finally leave the field, education is a way for you to construct a lifetime project that will enable you to re-enter the world of work and open up brand-new horizons. Education makes connections and raises your self-esteem. We find it a wonderful discovery that books and boots can go so well together', said Sileoni.