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Fabol met a delegation of FIFA, earlier this week. Both parties spoke about the situation in Bolivian professional football. The meeting was a result of the agreement the players’ union and the national association FBF had achieved in October, after all players had threatened to boycott the national team.


The poor state of Bolivian football was reason for the players’ threat. Clubs are suffering from bad management, players and coaches have to cope with non-payment of salaries or don’t have insurances, there was no Dispute Resolution Chamber installed and three different entities were in charge of the country’s organized football. After long negotiations the FPF promised to take the players’ complaints in account. FIFA was asked to mediate.


The delegations of Fabol and FIFA met each other at the head office of FBF. On behalf of Fabol general secretary David Paniagua, executive secretary Milton Melgar and conflict secretary Silvio Rojas spoke with FIFA-delegates Margarita Echeverria, Primo Corvaro and Francisco Maturana.


Fabol thoroughly explained where the problems lie in Bolivian football, like management who are failing to obey statutes and legislation. Besides the union’s delegation indicated what they consider to be necessary for a brighter future of Bolivian football.