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For the seventh year running, the Dutch footballers’ Association VVCS has organized a training camp and some friendly games for players out of contract. One of the players, is a man who already had success with Team VVCS in the past: Sendley Bito.


Last Tuesday, Sendley Sidney Bito joined his fellow professional footballers without a contract at the Papendal training camp. The 26-year old forward is a Team VVCS veteran. In the summer of 2006 Bito joined the team for the first time, after his contract at Sparta Rotterdam was not extended when it expired.


Bito’s first experience proved to be a successful one. The quick winger signed a contract at Stal Archevsk after impressing the manager of the club from Ukraine, at the time playing in the country’s top league. 


Bito enjoyed a good first season at Stal Archevsk. His play did not go unnoticed, and he earned a transfer to Arsenal Kiev, one of the bigger clubs in Ukraine.  After his 3-year contract at Arsenal expired this summer, Bito again turned to Team VVCS. ‘My first period with the team, was a very positive experience for me’, Bito explained. ‘Thanks to Team VVCS I was able to prolong my  professional career in football.’ Now, he is hoping for another chance.’