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FIFPRO advises professional footballers and young players’ parents to never pay a deposit or fee to any intermediary for arranging a trial or a contract.

The world players union received complaints from players and parents about a Slovakian man called Martin Kois.

He approaches young players via social media and promises them a trial at Italian Serie A club Parma.

After the players (or their parents) pay him approximately 1,000 euro (USD 1,100) for a “deposit”, he does not arrange any trial and disappears with the money, according to information FIFPRO received.

The complaints FIFPRO is aware of are from various players in at least eight countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden and USA.

Kois is not the only person deceiving players. “Unfortunately we are regularly contacted by professional footballers who paid so-called intermediaries for trials or contracts that never happened,” said Theo van Seggelen, FIFPRO General Secretary.

“We advise all players and parents to contact us or their local union if they doubt an offer being made by an intermediary.”

Players with similar experiences can contact FIFPRO via

For more tips, please follow this link: How to safely deal with player agents.

FIFPRO below publishes the stories of two parents from Finland anonymously.


Father of 16-year old player

“He contacted my son through Instagram. He said he had seen some of his games via an online scouting system and told that he could arrange a trial at Parma.”

“My son is playing at the highest youth level in Finland. Some of his teammates went to clubs abroad.”

“Kois also talked with us. We had a FaceTime conversation and I could see his face. He was very polite and professional, and said all the right things. He mentioned he was a former player.”

“Because he had bad experiences with players not showing up at trials, he wanted a deposit. I thought it was strange and so did some of my friends. But we could not find any negative story about him or his company on internet.”

“I took a calculated risk that I might be losing 1,200 euro (USD 1,330), because the trial would be a very nice experience for my son.”

“After I signed a contract, he started to push me that I had to pay him quickly. Somebody else could take my son’s place at Parma. Within a couple of hours I paid.”

“Then we hardly heard from him again.”

“When the date for the trial approached, he said he was very sorry and that there had been a misunderstanding ... ”

“I am frustrated by the loss of money, but I am more frustrated because Martin Kois is breaking the dreams of young boys.”


Parent of 18-year old player

“Martin Kois contacted my son in 2017, when my son already had an agent. After my son had quit his agent, Kois approached him again.”

“He said my son could have a trial at Parma academy.”

“My wife and I had a video call with him. He sounded very professional. We needed to hurry. There was only one place left. We also needed to pay a deposit.”

“He said that one parent could travel with our son, although it was unclear who would pay for that.”

“Later he said that Parma was asking for more money. We thought it was normal and we could not find any negative information about him on internet."

"In total we paid a deposit of 1,500 euro (USD 1,670).”

“Then we heard nothing from him until the day we were supposed to fly to Milan. He told us he was very, very sorry. His partners were working slowly. He told us that we could wait for a couple of days or have a refund.”

“We decided to wait. He said he would call us every day until the trial was arranged, but we never heard from him again ...”

“Our son was disappointed, but he is okay now. We are more disappointed, because we didn’t realise earlier that it was a scam.”