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Adem Güven was named Best Player of the recent FIFPro Winter Tournament in Oslo, Norway. Shortly after the tournament, he signed a contract with Odd Grenland. This week, the forward trained with his new club.


Güven scored two goals during the FIFPro Winter Tournament, helping the team of the Norwegian footballers’ association NISO claim the first place in the event, by beating Finland and Ireland.


On Monday January 9th, he started training with Odd Grenland, a club from the Norwegian first division. Last season, Güven was playing for Kongsvinger from the second division.


Güven is very happy with his choice: ‘After the FIFPro Tournament, I knew that a couple of level one clubs were interested in me, as well as a few clubs from level two. I decided to choose Odd Grenland, because I know that they play in a system that I am used to. I am also a fan of the football they play. I think, this will suit me very well.’


It was the second time, FIFPro organized a Winter Tournament. ‘This is a very important initiative for players who are out of contract. It gives them a good chance to make a new impression. Some clubs might know some things about you as a player. But having the opportunity to come and see you play at a different site, when they also know you are available, is a good thing for clubs and players.’


‘We had a great time’, continued Güven. ‘The coaches of Team NISO, Kåre Ingebrigtsen and Vidar Riseth, are professionals and they did everything they could to make us perform as well as possible. I was also impressed with the level of the Norwegian team. I am confident that many of them will have a good chance of playing on level one or two in Norway in the upcoming season.’