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Just one week after Paraguayan international Salvador Cabañas was shot in his head, two other players were victims of very serious and violent incidents. Juan Carlos Silva got shot, while DaMarcus Beasley’s car was bombed.

Silva is a team mate of Cabañas at Mexican club América. On Monday, two armed robbers forced the midfielder to hand over the keys from his truck. When the 21-year old refused, he was shot in his buttocks. A second shot attempt failed, as the bullet got stuck in the gun. The robbers escaped without the truck. Silva tried to pursue them, but bumped into another car.

Silva was lucky. The bullet went through his left buttock and caused no severe damage. On Wednesday El Torito (The Little Bull) returned to the training field. ‘I know I live in a dangerous country, this can happen to anyone. I thank God that nothing happened. I’ve got a guardian angel up there’, Silva added, memorizing his brother Mario, who died ten years ago.

In Glasgow, Scotland, on that same night Beasley also became a victim. ‘Someone blew up my car’, according to the Rangers striker. His car was parked on the street, when someone pulled up next to it, threw a fire bomb into the car and then quickly escaped. Beasley was inside his house when the assault took place. The American heard the screeching tyres of the attackers .

The police are investigating the incident. Beasley’s club Rangers reacted angrily: ‘This is a disturbing, deplorable incident. The club will do everything we can to assist police.’