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The Romanian professional footballers’ association AFAN and FIFPro issue a warning to all member associations of FIFPro to be cautious when footballers are signing contracts with a Romanian club. 

Most Romanian professional football clubs face huge financial problems. Clubs from the country’s First, Second and Third Division are in trouble with their finances. The majority of the clubs have problems with paying the footballers their salaries. 

The Romanian footballers’ association is aware of this. But Romanian clubs also look outside of their country for football players who are ignorant of this situation. Therefore, AFAN has requested FIFPro’s help to alert all its member associations to the situation in Romanian football. 

AFAN makes the following urgent call: ‘If any of your country’s football players intends to transfer to a Romanian football club, we kindly advise you to first contact AFAN. The Romanian players’ union can provide you with up-to-date information on the financial standing of the respective club.’ 

‘Otherwise, there is a risk that the player, even when assisted by an agent, signs a contract with a bankrupt club or a club that soon will no longer be able to pay its players under contract.’ 

‘We , AFAN, want to prevent any troubles that might arise when signing with specific Romanian clubs. We are of the opinion, that it is our obligation to inform you of this. AFAN will be at your disposal at any time for any kind of support with regard to the abovementioned situation.’ 

FIFPro recommends its member associations to follow the advice of AFAN.