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The Austrian players’ association VdF has vowed to establish a period-of-rest rule in the collective bargaining agreement to prevent footballers from an overload of matches, as the players of Rapid Wien are currently experiencing.


At the moment Rapid has a very busy schedule. Last season’s number three has to visit PFC Beroe Stara Zagora in Bulgaria on Thursday evening in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League. On Sunday they host champions Red Bull Salzburg and on Tuesday they once again have to face Stara Zagora, this time in Vienna.


Three important matches in just five days; VdF president Gernot Zirngast is angered by this prospect. ‘Once again it shows that organizational problems are shifted on the backs of the players. They are the ones who have to suffer the consequences, whether these are bad results, or even worse injuries due to the overload of games.’


Zirngast wants to take measures. ‘We shall do everything in our power to include a period-of-rest rule in the collective bargaining agreement as soon as possible. We will not allow that the health of the footballers is at the mercy of football associations, clubs and television stations.’


The VdF has warned to thoroughly analyse the next games of Rapid and has promised to fight for the right of each player who eventually suffers an injury caused by the program of the upcoming five days.