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The professional footballers’ association of Argentina, FAA, fears the existence of a blacklist. The FAA has alarmed the national football federation AFA and has indicated two players who appear to be victims of this blacklisting. ‘If this is true, we have to prevent to go back to the seventies.’


Secretary general Sergio Marchi has written to Julio Grondona, the president of the AFA. ‘It appears that the black lists, one of the characteristics of a dark chapter in the history of football, are still in the minds and hearts of some presidents who are active in Argentine football.’ 


Marchi refers to two players, Gino Clara (photo) and Alvaro Ormeño. Clara is a 22-year old defender who is out of contract. His contract at Huracán expired the 30th of June, but the club still wants to collect a transfer sum for the player. The same goes for Ormeño. The 31-year old Chilean midfielder is looking for a club since his contract expired at Gimnasia de la Plata, but that club also demands financial compensation.


According to media reports Huracán and Gimnasia have put both players on a black list: neither Clara nor Ormeño is allowed to play for a club in Argentina. Television station TYC Sports showed an interview with a club executive, telling he was in favor of blacklisting these players. Until this moment both footballers are still looking for a new club, although Clara could move to Union San Felipe in Chile.


Marchi and the FAA appealed to the federation stating: ‘FAA asks AFA to take due note of the present declaration referring to illegal discrimination to the detriment of the named persons, and makes clear that it might repeat its declaration before the INADI, the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism. For this reason it makes available the published video of TYC Sports. Consequently we ask those concerned to ratify or rectify the previously described conduct.’