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At the closing ceremony ending the first four-month period of 2013, the Argentine Football Players' Association (FAA) awarded a total of 66 diplomas to the footballers who had completed their studies or taken part in the various courses and workshops that the Association presents through the El Futbolista Foundation.


The list included students completing their primary and secondary school studies on the ‘Plan Fines’, those following the Adult Program 2000, studying languages, qualifying as Instructors in Children's Football, in PC Operation, Multimedia Design, Public Speaking in Sport, and Cooking, and those who attended talks on ‘Your First Contract’ and ‘Nutrition in Football’.


The youngsters who devoted themselves to learning languages - English, Italian and Portuguese - and those who went in for Public Speaking in Sport presented their work during the ceremony while, by means of a video, the wives of two footballers currently playing in the province of Salta and in far-off Vietnam made very valuable contributions, recounting their experience of the distance learning process.



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