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In the first six months of the year, 25 football players resumed their careers after working with the training staff of the Argentinian Football Players' Association.


Futbolistas Argentinos Agremiados (FAA) is one of the many FIFPro member unions that offer training sessions to players who are not currently under contract. When the FAA decided to offer a service to out-of-contract players, it was thinking of a niche where players wanting to find a new opportunity could get proper training, practically the same as they would get in a club.


The programme devised by the technical staff (Carlos Barisio, Carlos Carrió, Walter Durso and Professor Federico Della Savia) was aimed at giving them just that, with daily work supplemented by actual friendly games.


'Fortunately, the group is constantly being refreshed', said FAA President Carlos Pandolfi. 'As it happens, in the first six months of 2013, the list of those resuming their careers in Argentine and foreign clubs reached an excellent number.'


'A total of 25 guys achieved their objective while at the same time giving us satisfaction, because this is exactly the objective we have been seeking: that they can get back into football in top physical form, and ready to play a good game.'




Players with a new club:  

Jeremías Caggiano
Gastón Ada
Leandro De Muner
Santiago Fernández
Cristian Moyano
Andrés Guzmán
Emir Ham
Diego Jaime
Fermín Pérez
Leandro Scornaienchi
Rodrigo Vedoya
Diego Yanzi
Andrés Heredia
Facundo Alfonso
Nelson López
Franco Tisera
Carlos Alanis
Fernando Biela
Jorge Espíndola
David Felman
Lucas Fernández
Martín Gardarian
Miguel Sánchez

Kevin Astur
Leonel Felice

Brown de Adrogué - Primera B Nacional (2)
Deportivo Morón - Primera B (3)
Acassuso - Primera B (3)
Chacarita - Primera B (3)
Defensores de Belgrano - Primera B (3)
Laferrere - Primera C (4)
San Telmo - Primera C (4)
Argentino de Merlo - Primera C (4)
Español - Primera C (4)
Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Primera C (4)
Berazategui - Primera C (4)
Excursionistas - Primera C (4)
Racing de Córdoba - Torneo Argentino B (4)
Racing de Olavarría - Torneo Argentino B (4)
Las Heras Concordia - Torneo Argentino B (4)
Jorge Newbery - Torneo Argentino B (4)
Los Naranjos - Torneo del Interior (5)
Deportivo Rivadavia - Torneo del Interior (5)
Castex - Torneo del Interior (5)
Banda Norte - Torneo del Interior (5)
Social y Deportivo Tres Algarrobos - Torneo del Interior (5)
Social y Deportivo Tres Algarrobos - Torneo del Interior (5)
Gimnasia de Chivilcoy - Torneo del Interior (5)

Antigua Guatemala - Guatemala - Primera División (1)
Hanoi - Vietnam - Primera División (1)