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The setting in Ezeiza was appropriate to the significance of the event. Before a massive audience, the Argentinian Football Players' Association (FAA) and the Argentine Football Association jointly presented their Social Programme for Active Professional Football Players.


FAA Secretary General Sergio Marchi said, 'This is a conquest that fills us with pride, and it is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the history of our union.'


The Programme has been transformed into reality thanks to the good offices of the Argentinian Football Players' Association, with an exclusive contribution by the Argentine Football Association, based on humanitarian and supportive principles and created with the objective of awarding one-off social and universal financial assistance, as a single payment to all those who, having definitively terminated their professional activity, acquire the status of beneficiaries. As distinct from similar systems implemented in other countries, this novel system is the only one that does not require any contribution from the footballer.


Around 650 football players in all professional categories, club executives, representatives of the board of FIFPro Division America, and even the members of the technical team of the national eleven (Alejandro Sabella, accompanied by his collaborators Julián Camino and Claudio Gugnali) gave a spectacular ambiance to the ceremony, during which the top authorities of both organizations spoke: Sergio Marchi, FAA Secretary General, and Julio Humberto Grondona, AFA President.


Marchi highlighted the fact that, for nearly seventy years, the Players' Association has struggled for gains 'to give dignity to our profession', and he reviewed the most important achievements, naming men who have left an indelible imprint on the history of the union: such men as Fernando Bello, José Omar Pastoriza, Carlos Della Savia and the present treasurer, Carlos Pandolfi.


Speaking of the tasks carried out, he underlined the backing he received from his closest colleagues on the Board of Directors (Darío Checchia, Sergio Seguel, Cristian Aragón, Sergio Miguez, and Carlos Pandolfi himself) and said that, at meetings with the directors of the AFA, 'we have had quite a few disputes, but always with respect for each other, for anyone who thought differently'.


Marchi, visibly moved and with a logical pride in this historic conquest that the Argentinian Football Players' Association had just completed, ended by saying, 'An old dream has become a reality, but I'm also saying that we haven't reached the objective yet: we're at a stage on the long road that we still have to travel'.




Beneficiaries of the programme

  • Active professional players who have a contract registered with the AFA
  • Players who play in the professional categories of Argentinian football organized by the AFA
  • The benefit will apply from the time the player reaches the age of twenty years



  • Primera A
  • Primera B Nacional
  • Primera B
  • Torneo Argentino A



  • Monetary Allowance
  • A one-off payment
  • This is received when the cessation of professional activity is confirmed
  • A certificate showing length of service in the activity is the only irrefutable evidence conferring entitlement to receive the benefit
  • A certificate showing for how many years a contract has been registered is issued by the AFA at the request of the Programme


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