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A new professional league has been established in Argentina which will provide some 400 players with greater stability and the opportunity to take their game to the next level.


After months of wrangling, the Executive Committee of Argentina’s Football Association (AFA) unanimously approved the proposal put forward by Futbolistas Argentinos Agremiados (FAA, the Argentine footballers association), which will see Division Primera C upgraded from amateur to professional.


FAA spokesman Carlos Pandolfi said months of persistence paid off in the face of, at times, heavy resistance, “The majority of the FA executives did not want to recognise the category as being professional, but our arguments gradually persuaded them.”


Players who compete in Argentina’s fourth tier, Primera C, are now guaranteed, under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (No 557/09), that clubs will register a minimum 15 contracts which must meet basic financial criteria.


Pandolfi adds, “We are immensely proud of this achievement and what it means for players in our country.”


Primera C, which makes its professional debut in 2014, includes the following provisions:

- Clubs must register at least fifteen (15) professional contracts, without prejudice to the possibility of registering the number of promotional contracts they consider advisable, and they shall be obliged to include all of these in the corresponding Bona Fide List [Lista de Buena Fe].
- A basic monthly salary of 4500 Argentine Pesos ($750 USD) is fixed for the category.
- Clubs must register the said contracts during the period from 10 December 2013 to 20 January 2014.
- The minimum period of validity of contracts shall be as follows: a) those which are made for the first time shall be valid from the day of registration fixed in the foregoing clause until thirty (30) June 2014; and thereafter, as appointed in Article 3, point 5) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
- The parties agree as a programmatic clause that the PRIMERA "C" category shall be included in the text of Collective Bargaining Agreement at the appropriate time.


Argentina now has four professional leagues: Primera Division, Primera B Nacional, Primera B Metropolitana and the latest addition, Primera C.