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The professional footballers’ association of Argentina (FAA) is delighted with the number of players that manage to find a new club after participating in the union’s training sessions for players who are out of contract.


This year, 43 men managed to continue their career as a professional football player. Much to the satisfaction of Carlos Pandolfi, president of FAA.


‘Fortunately, the list of guys who succeed in resuming their footballing careers after working with the FAA technical staff is constantly on the move, which clearly indicates that the job we’re doing with unaffiliated players is having the desired effects.’


‘Our intention is to offer them all the conditions that enable them to train just as they would in any professional team. And when we see opportunities arise because they’re ready in physical and footballing terms, that makes us happy, for it means their efforts and those of the FAA are delivering the fruits we hoped for.


Thirteen players who resumed their careers in 2012 made up the FAA team that competed in the FIFPro America tournament in Santiago de Chile, in January: Exequiel Cardozo, Dalmao, Erriquenz, Feldman, Santillán, Lema, Gutiérrez, Martínez, Saporiti, Timpone, Pranich, Sánchez and Ribone.


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