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The Argentine footballers’ association FAA enjoys the success of its work for players without a contract. The FAA has helped 24 footballers sign a new contract at a professional football club, from Argentina to Poland, and Venezuela to Indonesia.


‘Mission accomplished. That is what we at the Argentine footballers’ association think each time one of our players without a contract succeeds in finding a new club. And although our work will never end, due to the arrival of new players without a contract, our mission does not change.’


‘We offer our players a training similar to those at any professional club and the best preparation for their immediate future.’


‘Recently, a lot of footballers have extended their career playing abroad or in Argentina, after a training period organized by our footballers’ association. The growing list of players who have successfully found a new club, fulfills us with pride.’



Player, club - country (level)

Federico Apaza, Dr. Lautaro Roncedo - Argentina (5)
David Felman, Dr. Lautaro Roncedo - Argentina (5)
Gonzalo Santillán, Dr. Lautaro Roncedo - Argentina (5)
Marcelo Da Silva, Dr. Lautaro Roncedo - Argentina (5)
José Luis Mamome, FC Wohlen – Suiza (2) 
Matías Rodríguez, Club Barracas Bolívar - Argentina (5)
Nicolás Villafañe, Club Atlético Olaria- Brasil
Luciano Rimoldi, Bogor Raya FC – Indonesia (1)
Oscar Alegre, Bogor Raya FC – Indonesia (1)
Diego Bogado, Bogor Raya FC – Indonesia (1)
Bruno Corbanini, CA Platense  - Argentina (3)
Franco Bruno, CA San Martín de Burzaco – Argentina (5)
Daniel Cotello, Club Unión Atlético Maracaibo – Venezuela (2)
Pablo Rodríguez – Bosnia
Cristian Moyano – Italia
Gonzalo Bonafina, Atlético Vasco Viejo - Argentina (5)
Nicolás Trecco, Unión San Felipe – Chile (1)
Fernando Padrón, Platense – Argentina (3)
Marcelo Pappano, Chacarita Juniors - Argentina (2)
Dario Pranich, FC Tres Algarrobos – Argentina (5)
Dardo Cortés, FC Tres Algarrobos – Argentina (5)
Franco Dalmao, FC Tres Algarrobos – Argentina (5)
Emanuele Sebastián Lema, FC Tres Algarrobos - Argentina (5)
Pablo Piyuka, Polonia FC – Argentina (5)