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The Moroccan professional footballers’ union (AMF) is trying to exchange its current status as a FIFPro candidate member for a full membership. President Mustapha El Hadaoui reflects the present situation of l’Association Marocaine des Footballeurs.


El Hadaoui is still busy furnishing his office in Casablanca, the place where he and his seven colleagues are trying to defend the interests of more than a thousand professional footballers in Morocco. The president proudly shows a list of players from the country’s two top divisions; players he hopes to make a member in the nearby future.


What does it mean for AMF to be a candidate member of FIFPro?

‘This means that our union is a member of a big organisation, FIFPro, the voice of all professional footballers worldwide, and that the rights and the dignity of our Moroccan players are being defended, as well as the place they earn in the world of professional football.  Our players have noticed that things in their life as a pro are about to change. Now they know that our union, with all of its legal expertise, is taking their interests and rights seriously. Even club managers have adopted a different attitude towards these players.’


What are the main issues the union is currently dealing with?

‘We are working on the establishment of a standard players’ contract for professional footballers in Morocco, on a lawful basis, to prevent clubs and managers taking advantage of the players. We are also trying to start a roundtrip to meet the players of all professional teams in Morocco, to tell them about our goals and our future projects regarding their rights and interests.’


What is the most important thing you recently realized on behalf of the union?

‘One of the results is the agreement of the Moroccan professionals playing abroad to support our union, to co-operate with our union, and to be our ambassadors.’


‘In addition, the AMF is recognized by the national football association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Therefore our union is the only voice of all professional footballers in Morocco. We co-operate with these institutions to increase the level of football in our country. This is very important, as we’ve got problems, since we did not participate in the most recent African Cup of Nations and will not appear at the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.’


What are your plans for the future?

‘To complete the furnishing of our office. To organize a meeting of the Moroccan football association and  the Ministry with FIFPro Division Africa. And to visit all professional clubs in Morocco’s first and second division to try to sign players to our union.’


 Mustapha El Hadaoui and Najib Melhli