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The Bolivian championship may start, now that all the clubs have met the main requirement of the national players' association, Fabol: the payment of all overdue wages to the players.

The management of Sport Boys will pay the wages it owes its players in instalments, and the League will officiate as a guarantor. In this way, there has been an agreement and the green light has been given to the start of the closing tournament (Clausura), whose first round will be fought over from Friday January 16 to Sunday January 18.

The document was signed and sealed in Santa Cruz between the executives of the League, Sport Boys and Futbolistas Agremiados de Bolivia (Fabol), after the players of the Warnes club accepted the new conditions.

According to Fabol, the total debt is some 400,000 dollars (approximately 50,000 euros, 58,000 USD) in principle, but there was no word of whether it was reduced, as desired by the club executives. To get the agreement running, the players for Sport Boys received cheques for a percentage corresponding to the first instalment, and these they will be able to cash not later than next Tuesday.

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"This isn't ideal, but now the players know for certain they are going to be paid. They have also understood the situation of the club and its new management. The League will guarantee compliance with the agreement", said Fabol Secretary General David Paniagua.

Part of the money will come out of the income due to Sport Boys for the television rights to their matches, besides other items; even the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) will chip in with a percentage.

"The percentages going to each party are now an internal matter, but the good thing for the fans and the other clubs is that the tournament will begin on Friday, as laid down in the programme prepared at last Wednesday's meeting in Yacuiba", said Fernando Humérez, a first-team player for the League.