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The following is a press release from the Guatemalan Footballers’ Association, published on 5 August.

The Guatemalan Footballers’ Association, known by its initials AFG, wishes to bring the following information to the attention of the media and the general public:

We hereby express our concern over the latest events regarding the irregular situation of the Premier League (Liga Nacional) clubs Deportivo Mictlan and Deportivo Malacateco and of the First Division club Deportivo Coatepeque:

Deportivo Coatepeque : They were warned by the National Football Federation about breaching their financial obligations in various championships, and ought to be solvent in order to enter the 2015–2016 First Division Championship, but did not fulfil this requirement by the due date. The Federation, in contravention of the rules, granted them an extension to settle their debt and the club once again failed to meet it.

Deportivo Malacateco : On account of their debt to a player they failed to comply with the payment date to be able to enter and play the first match in the 2015–2016 Championship. Up to the morning of Tuesday 4 August there had been no response whatever regarding payment of the outstanding debt, and yet the Premier League and the Football Federation authorised the club’s entry.

Deportivo Mictlan : On Friday 31 July a meeting was held between the administrator of Deportivo Mictlan and the players, to whom there was a debt outstanding, but they did not reach an agreement, and therefore did not sign any settlement to enable the team to enter the 2015–2016 Championship. The Football Federation, disregarding the established rules, authorised the team’s entry, without giving due weight to settlements. On the afternoon of Monday 3 August they paid them the amounts owed.

Deportivo Zacapa : Due to maladministration the club was wound up, still saddled with a debt to the players.

We in the Guatemalan Footballers’ Association, as the players’ representatives, are concerned and disturbed at the illegal decisions made by the National Football Federation, which are damaging to professional footballers and to the transparency Guatemalan football needs.

Our country is going through a corruption crisis, which the public will no longer tolerate, and fans and professional footballers are likewise tired of the improper decisions made by the National Football Federation. We therefore demand that they clarify the reasons for these irregularities in the process of entering clubs for the championship.