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The Guatemalan Footballers’ Association (AFG), led by its President, Carlos Ruiz, held a press conference with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala, represented by the Chief Prosecutor, Thelma Aldana, to ask for a special sports prosecution service to be created, with a view to improving the situation of players subjected to threats, as well as acts of corruption in Guatemalan football.

Chief Prosecutor Aldana expressed concern over the incidence of crime in sport, and will accordingly seek a meeting with the Comptroller General to begin carrying out audits in the National Football Federation of Guatemala and the various relevant bodies. She also announced that she will appoint a special prosecutor for these investigations in order to keep in touch with the AFG.  

The AFG invited the National Federation, affiliated leagues and the referees’ commission to set up a technical analysis committee and to create a Football Rescue Plan, with short-, medium- and long-term objectives, to raise the level of competition. If necessary, the AFG would bear the costs of organising the event.

At the end of the press conference (also attended by AFG Vice-President Carlos Figueroa and the lawyer Erick Ovalle) the members of the association handed over a letter to the Chief Prosecutor setting out their concern over the situation currently affecting football in Guatemala.

They also informed her that that have made repeated attempts to hold a meeting with the National Federation authorities, led by Brayan Jiménez, to try to find solutions, but that they have not received “due attention” from the authorities. In its letter the AFG emphasises its conviction that dialogue and consensus will be crucial in order to begin to put football on a professional basis.

At the press conference the AFG addressed the following issues:

• match-fixing

• crimes against the person

• finances of some football clubs

• election of sports leaders.